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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Since I've Been Gone...

Lots of fun things have been going on since I last posted... 2 weekends ago Terra and I went up to NYC to explore the city, and visit friends (mainly Adam and Danielle for me). Although our trip got off to a rough start when our bus broke down in Delaware, it was still a fun weekend!

Then, this past weekend James flew out from California to visit me in DC, and be my date to my school's Fall Ball! We had a lot of fun going to all the monuments and museums (which I actually haven't done a lot of, surprisingly), and hanging out with my friends at the GW basketball game.

Right: James and I at my friend's house before leaving for Fall Ball!
Bottom Left: NYC skyline from Terra's friends' apartment. Beautiful!
Bottom Right: Adam and I! So great to see him!

This week I am swamped with work and two midterms, which is no fun, but on a brighter note I am starting to enjoy the fall weather in DC! I guess cute coats, scarves, and pretty leaves aren't so bad after all. I'm starting to count down the days until Thanksgiving break!

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