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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring has Sprung

I cannot believe a month has flown by since I have last updated this blog!

I'll start back to midterms, because I think that's where I left off - I survived, and spring break afterwards was much needed. I had a blast running around southern California - from visiting San Diego with my college bests, to sightseeing and hanging out with family in LA, to indulging in the "March Madness" basketball tournament and St. Patricks day in Santa Barbara with James. It was nice to truly "get away" from DC and school for the week.

Left: James and I before "date night" on St. Patricks day in Santa Barbara

Right: Rachel, Femi, Lisa, and I before a night out in San Diego

Getting back into the swing of things has not been an easy transition, though! Within the next couple of weeks I have 2 big papers and a presentation due (yikes!), so I have had to get back into school quickly. This weekend I hosted Laurie and Lauren, two girls from my sorority, at "Hotel Al" as they were making an east coast trip to visit and interview at grad schools. It was great to have the girls around, and I had fun taking them out to all my favorite places to eat and exploring the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin!

Left: Me at the Tidal Basin with the Washington Monument and cherry blossoms!

Right: Looking at the Jefferson Memorial through the cherry blossoms

The only downside to the spring weather in DC is the return of my allergies - but hopefully with the help of my trusty allergy medicine and a little rain, that will be alleviated soon!

P.S. Figured I would also share this picture from "Spring Fling", which happened the weekend before midterms. It was basically another grad school prom, but I loved this picture of my friends Grace, Lauren, Becca, and I on the balcony of the venue!

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