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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back to DC

After a month-long Californiacation, I am finally back in Washington DC. This is bittersweet, since I had such an amazing winter break. I got to spend 3 weeks in Stockton, spending the holidays with my friends and family, and 1 week in Las Vegas and Santa Barbara with friends. It was nice to enjoy some warm weather, and spend time with people I love so much!

The first week back in DC was not as bad as it could be - its nice to get back into the swing of work and school, despite the fact that it is SO cold outside! I experienced my first snow storm of 2012 on Friday night!

We have some awesome new fellows in the GovLoop office, who I am excited to work with this semester! My role has slightly changed since last semester - I am only working half-time instead of full time, and now I am helping with the GovLoop Mentor Program in addition to running the social media and writing. I am excited for the new challenge!

Classes seem like they will be a challenge as well. This semester I am taking Public Budgeting, Program Evaluation, Econometrics, and the Economics of Policy Analysis. Yikes! I'll let you know how that all goes, but so far so good!

Also, I was "that" crazy girl watching the 49ers game... I think my dad would be very proud. I was decked in red and gold, and was enthusiastic throughout the game! Needless to say the loss disappointed me, and I will probably be boycotting the Super Bowl this year (Patriots and Giants? How boring).

Keep checking my blog for all the exciting stuff to come!

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