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Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't Get Hit By A Brick

Last Thursday was Rosh Hashannah, so I decided to venture out to GW's Hillel service in order to celebrate the holiday. It was your standard conservative Rosh Hashannah service (Temple Israel of Stockton, I definitely missed you and all the music), but I was especially moved by a story that the Rabbi told as a part of the sermon:

One day, a man drove his new red Maserati to the grocery store to pick up a few things for his wife on the way home from work. When he walked out of the store, he was horrified to see two little boys throwing bricks at his expensive car. Enraged, he ran over to the kids, and started screaming at them for denting his flawless vehicle. One of the little boys started crying, while the other explained, "I'm sorry sir, but this is the only way we could get anyone's attention. You see, our brother fell out of his wheelchair in the alley over there, and we are not strong enough to pick him up. Can you help us?" Instantly, the man was horrified at his reaction, silently followed the children, and helped their little brother into his wheelchair. His walk back to the car was the longest 5 minutes of his life, as he was trying to process what had happened. The man never fixed the dent on his Maserati, in order to remind him to slow down, and not wait to be hit by a brick in order to stop and be more aware in his everyday life.

I have to admit that I am guilty of this as well. Especially since moving to DC I realize that I have been so wrapped up in work and school that I have barely taken the time to stop and enjoy my surroundings, and be fully aware and involved in the lives of the people I love the most. If you are included in this statistic I am truly sorry, and know that I am actively going to try to fix this in the next couple of weeks :)

In other news, my Jewish new year got off to a great start. This past weekend was a nice break from my constant work/school routine, as I got a visit from New Jersey by cousin Jeff, Kate, and Burdey! Definitely helped cure the little bit of homesickness I was starting to feel.

Shanna Tova, wishing everyone a happy and sweet new year!

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