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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Somedays I hate people

Exhibit A: Today.

I got on the metro as I normally do, and within 5 minutes I noticed the other end of the car stirring. It quickly became evident that someone was having a medical emergency, and other passengers were yelling "someone push the emergency button, someone is having a seizure!"

Appalling moment #1: No one close to the button was making any movements toward it, even though they acknowledged that they heard the cries for help. Being a good person, I pushed through the crowds to push the buttons.

And then, we arrived at the next station, and there was an announcement that there was a medical emergency on the train, and everyone please de-board and move off of the platform so emergency response could have room to come down and help. Seems reasonable, right? Wrong.

Appalling moment #2: Instead of kindly moving out of the way, people started refusing to move, saying that "they were going to be late to work" so they weren't going to leave. With this being said, the next stop was 3 blocks away from our current location.

Makes you lose a little faith in humanity, doesn't it? Let's just say I needed my coffee a little bit earlier today than usual.

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